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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 9, 2014 2:05am-2:36am EST

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, the sec would already have my license and i would be in jail. , come on, mark, this guy's a major drug kingpin who killed your brother, a clean kid. why would he do that if it wasn't personal, hmm? if it was personal, t probably had something to do with you. what were you doing, mark, stealing money from salazar? no! you know, i watched him kill your brother. then i your brother died in my arms. hey, look at me. you gonna let this guy get away with that? yoa help us find his killer? look, i don't know why raymundo salazar killed my brother. u gonn yes, you do. look, then just tell us where to find him. if he knew i told you anything, he would kill me, too. do the right thing, mark. you don't want to do it for us, you don't want to do it for your dead brother, do it fo brokenhearted mother, okay? tell us where to find him.
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when he comes to new york, r your salazar, sometimes he stays with a girlfriend in harlem. her name is sylvia. she works at a barbershop wheon 125th sylvia? sylvia, police. keep walking. i need to ask you some questions about your bnd raymundo salazar. never heard of him. maybe i'll refresh your memory. get in the car. come on, get inside. come on. scoot over. oyfrieright, raymundo salazar. i never seen him before. oh, you never seen him. no. okay, well, maybe you've seen some of his victims, like this guy. he was doused in all and set on fire. and then there's this guy, he was buried alive.
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maybe you've seen his latest victim, david taylor. gasol oh, you know him? no. really? salazar shot him in the chest, killed him. strange, but when david died in my arms the other night, he had the same bracelet on as you. what a coincidence. did he give you that bracelet? so you and david taylor are together? you tell us about it here or we're gonna have to take you down to the station, you can tell us there. we'll take her down to the station. sylvia: no. (engine starting) wait. no, no, no, we're going to the station. i met david a few months ago at a party, at his brother's place. mark taylor. started talking and told him i want to get my ged. he started tutoring me. he's really sweet. so cute, you know?
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he's so funny. you ever meet someone like that? someone you just want to be with all the time? yeah, i married her. so what happened? salazar find out about you and david? yeah. he started asking questions about david. told him he was just tutoring me, but told me not to see him e. and did you? no. (horn blaring nearby) couldn't. anymor thought we could keep it a secret, but... (sobbing) can't keep secrets from a guy like salazar. why don't you tell us where we could find him? you know what he would do to me? he would... i know what he did to david taylor. what do you think, you're gonna get a free pass from him? no. (sobbing): please, please. listen, i watched him kill david. i'm gonna testify againstar in a court of law. i'm gonna put his ass away for the rest of his life
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so you won't have to look over your shoulder for the rest of yours. okay. salaz you gotta tell us where we could find him. lupino is his lieutenant. he called the shop today to make an appointment for salazar. he's scheduled to come in tomorrow at 10:00. okay. you guys finish your homework first, then come down. what's for dessert, babe? you know what i noticed about you tonight? what, that i look incredibly handsome? you change the subjeevery te i bring up raymundo salazar. who? very funny. you can joke all you want, but no one has ever testified against him. ct ahe has them killed before they get a chance. look, honey, you gotta stop believing everything you read in the newspapers, okay? and he's on the fbi's most wanted list. and guess who's on my most wanted list right now?
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what? forget it. you can't be serious! look, all right, i'm sito worry about me.ou i got enough people worried about me already. look, i'm testifying against him. i watched this guy kill an innocent kid in cold blood. i'm gonna testify. you know, this is not some... corner drug dealer we're talking about. well, since we're on the subject, you know if we grab him up, i'm probably gonna have to send you and the boys over to dad's for a couple days, just for safety. are you serious? what do you want me to do? it's a pion. when? tomorrow, so you should probably start packing tonight. i don't like this. i don't like it either! look, what do you want me torect just think of it as like a nice midweek vacationher! for you and the boys, okay? you'll have fun. okay. what am i gonna do with you? mmm, i can think of a lot of things you can do with me right now. don't worry. it's gonna be all right.
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hey, babe. no, everything's going according to plan. there's two detectives at the boys' school. right after dismissal, they'll pick 'em up and bring 'em over we'repickup the same way your we did in the '06 case, all right? i got it. you got nothing to worry about. hey, i love you. i love you i'll check in later. yeah. you almost done with this mutt's pedigree? yeah. it's a shame to waste your time and you paper. , too. i not gonna be here long. mmm, ice in his veins, this one. yeah, and you know what for brains. you're going down for a1 felony, bub. take him downtown, jack. yep.
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we'll see. we'll see? you know, you might be able to intimidate the rest of your witnesses, but you won't intimidate me. well, well, well. looks like you made a friend. i try. what's up? i wanted you to know i'm convening thd jury on friday to get an indictment. i need you to be there. two days? i'm impressed. it'll be the first time we've been able to make charges stick. yeah, well, maybe you're a little bit worried e gran that salazar may try to have me killed. coffee? salazar-- i don't put anything past that animal. well, that animal has never run into a reagan . frank: good afternoon. thanks for coming. the new york city polibeforedepg the capture and arrest of alleged drug kingpin raymundo salazar. he was taken into custody without incident this morning ce and is being heldves pending indictment for the murder of david taylor.
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questions? john. commissioner, rumors are that the arresting officer was your son daniel reagan; that he was involved in a gun battle with the suspect, and is your eyewitness. will you confirm? no. the el mal crew has a history of witness intimidation. does that concern you? no. when can we an indictment? i'll take that. special narcotics prosecutor lyle greene. first of all, i want to thank the new york city police depexpectt for their excellent work in apprehending mr. salazar. as to the indictment, we expect that after detective reagan testifies before the grand jury friday afternoon, artmen they will vote to indict swiftly and surely. that's all for today. thank you. (reporters clamoring) (reporters shouting questions) your grandstanding for a sound bite just confirmed our witness's name. i apologize. i can understand you're sensitive-- it's your son. i'm always sensitive when my people are put in harm's way. the guy from dia noticias alannounced it.
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and where did that come from? it didn't come from my people. you got a leak. l but ready to go? yeah, one sec. here, let me hu. thanks. what precinct do you guys normally work out of? oh, yeah?north or south? north. up on 67th, right? yeah, that's it. you know what? i think i forgot my wallet.
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(grunting) (muffled yelling) (muffled scream) (grunts) oh, thank you. oh. m.e. just released the autopsy. uh... a 9mm slug was sent to ballistics. well, my eye-wit or not, i'd sure like to have that gun. mm-hmm. all right. just brung up salazar's right-hand man jorge lupino. he was arrested in 2009 for assault one. huh. guess what the result was? witness recanted. asps) surprise, surprise. (phone rings) reagan. what do you mean? (g nah. no, i'll call her.
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yeah. yeah, i'll call you back. everything good? yeah, should be. (phone line ringing) (phone ringing) hello, detective. who's this is your worst nightmare. come on. put lin on the phone. she's not available right now, and won't be until you decide not to testify against salazar in the who is this?earingthis? let me speak to my wife right now. she's kind of pretty. keep her that way. and, amigo, don't try to find her, . or we'll know about it. if you hurt one hair on her head, i promise you... hello? hello?
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can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. (low moan) can your makeup remover do that? henry: nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich on a chilly night. when you picked them up?ids i... hey. where's sean and jack? in doing homework. don't worry. they don't know anything? daddy! daddy! hey. hey. daddy! hey. hey. hey, guys. daddy, great-grandpa picked us up with two men in a cop car! yeah? that's great. well, i used to have your grandpa's job, remember. i just thought it would be fun for them. jack: where's mom? um, mom's going to stay at a spa tonight, boys.
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it's an early birthday gift. jack: oh. that way it can be boys' night out. just you guys, okay? well, when is she coming back? jack, i have a feeling you know where i hide the video games. i do, grandpa. well, i'm feeling generous tonight. you got exactly one hour. let's go! come on! let's go! come on, sean! run! (sighs) what's wrong? they got linda, dad. (phone line ringing) linda (on recording): hi. this is linda. please leave your name and number and i'll get back to you as soon as i can. thanks. (beep) this is detective daniel reagan. i want proof of life.
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you're going to call me back and put my wife linda on the phone and let me speak to her, or i promise you, your boss is going down. and then i'm gonna come and i'm gonna find you. and i'm gonna rip your friggin' heart right out of your chest, do you undd me? hey, dad. what's going on? thanks for coming. yeah. erstan erin's going to join us. oh. want something to eat? no. i'm good. i got to get back. here she is. something's happened? they have linda. what about the boys? they're safe.
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they're with pop. what are we go do? well, it is, um... my considered opinion ing to that if this gets out, if the media gets ahold of it, she won't have much of a chance. jackie: i don't understand. is there something i'm not getting? i'm failing to understand why wven here. i need to have a conversation with the guy, that's all. about what? i mean, what didn't we cover when we were spee're e to him yesterday? i need to talk to him alone. (beeping) why do you need to talk to him at all? i'll be a minute.
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aking where is she? who? my wife. you want to play dumb, huh? well, i came to make you a promise. i will get on that stand tomorrow and i will testify, and you will spend the rest of your life in prison. when i'm done with you, i'm going to round up the rest of the el mal crew, and i'm gonna spread the word that raymundo salazar cooperated, and i think you know what's going to happen dangerous game, detective. i'm not playing. (pounds twice on door) (beeping) you watell me what's going on? you bring me here,
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and then you leave me standing outside. you look like hell. i don't even know what we're doing here. and now you're going to testify against this guy tomornt to i don't even know what is happening?ere. yeah. talk to me. i'll tell row.tside. you ou (no audio) ♪ sir, here's the material you requested. did taru isolate the phone dumps from the throwaway phones? yes, s and this is all calls, fromincoming and outgoing,
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from the phone we confiscated from salazar at his arrest. this is cross-referenced data ir. from all known associates. and this is all pertinent data from all personnel involved in the salazar case. thank you. rest of the schedule, councilman singer at 16:00. chiefs' briefing at 16:45, and dcpi at... danny's wife's been taken. i'll clear the schedule, sir. (sighs) (door closes) hi. anything? i spoke to three el mals, all doing major time. they gave me a few addresses, but none of them panned out. although, one of them did confirm our suspicion. salazar's definitely getting information from somebody in the inside. he doesn't know who it isgh. this guy thinks it might be a cop. he doesn't know. oh, i hate to think that. you got anything? well, uh... working on the cell report. your first call to l, thou pinr
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near the third avenue bridge. okay. the second call, the fdr tower in harlem. trouble is, we lost the ping. knowing linda, it's probably hei phone battery died. we're narrowing it down, reagan. i know. hey, what are you guys working on? you never seem to go home. r cell you checking up on us? easy, i'm just making conversation. make it somewhere else. (sighs) i know this is a stupid question, but are you okay? yeah. no. we're going to figure it out, okay? i know. (cell phone rings) yeah, dad. they found the hummer under the 59th street bridge. and, danny, there's a body in the car. an unidentified female. i'm on my way. they found a body, a female, under the 59th street bridge. okay, okay. i'll drive. car's ready, sir.
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danny. it's not her! it's not linda. dad, are you sure? i'm sure. you okay? yeah. preliminary indicates all right. sylvia montoya. okay. salazar's girlfriend. yeah. she's the one that led us to him. i'm thinking it wasough for him to kill her lover. he had to see her dead, too. oh, god.
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uploads as fast as downloads. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v henry: all these cell phone records. people waste half their life on the phone. we need to ask taru to make a subset of where all these throwaway phones are sold. frank: hello. in here. how's danny? i sent him back to the station to try to get some sleep. as if any of us can. there's a mountain of stuff here. they got to have someone on the inside. erin had a good idea, but it went right over my head. something about where these phones were purchased. (footsteps approaching)


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